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Natural care & home products


YOPE was founded by Karolina and Paweł, husband-and-wife team and parents of young children.


The vision for the company sprang from a need affecting not just a target group, but the founders’ own family.


Recognising the scarcity of natural personal care and home care products at affordable prices, Karolina and Paweł set out to create an accessible brand of quality soaps, moisturisers and household products.

Karolina is the creative soul of the duo, trained in the arts and tuned into the inspiring worlds of design, travel and fashion.


She is the intuitive visionary guiding YOPE branding and new product development.

Paweł oversees the company’s business operations, but he has also proven quite the dreamer, able to meet and exceed goals through a combination of hard work and bold imagination.



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