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ADA Cosmetics International is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hotel cosmetics. For over 35 years ADA Cosmetics International has been setting standards by manufacturing and selling high-quality body care products for hotels and their discerning guests. ADA Cosmetics International has set itself the task of making its luxury and lifestyle brands of hotel cosmetics into an experience for hotel guests.

As part of this, ADA Cosmetics International offers hotels a unique wide range of body care products and also creates individualised own brands.

Good customer care and comprehensive service are provided by ADA Cosmetics International with numerous subsidiaries in Germany and abroad, an international sales and partnership network as well its own production facilities.

Groundbreaking developments such as practical dispenser solutions with over 1.6 million holders installed together with a pioneering role in issues like sustainability and social action have earnt ADA Cosmetics International a reputation as a visionary and technological leader.

Since the takeover of the British company Pacific Direct and Scanamenities from Denmark in 2015, ADA Cosmetics International has expanded its international presence and brand portfolio. ADA Cosmetics International is also pursuing a clear objective for the future: to become the first choice for branded hotel cosmetics as a hotel partner.

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