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Beauty lies in the simplest and purest of things. kai was created by Gaye Straza who was inspired by the native flora she discovered whilst on holidays in Hawaii during her childhood.


In 1999, Gaye created a perfume for herself, which reflected the exotic white flowers she loved. Today, Kai is sold in department stores, exclusive boutiques and spas in the United States, Europe and Asia, and has many celebrity devotees, including Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron and others.

Kai perfume is a white floral fragrance mixed with featuring sub-flowers, jasmine, tuberose and lily, with a touch of green to add fresh colors. ADA Cosmetics International collaborated with kai to create an exclusive hotel series free of parabens and sulfates. Exotic flowers of tropical paradise exude. The series is packaged in modern bottles of various sizes, including Smartcare and 300 ml pump bottles.


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