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Still spring water. Bottled in Australia.

JUST is Australian spring water from the basalt and scoria rocks deep inside Mt Warrenheip, an extinct volcano near Ballarat, Victoria.


Plentiful annual rains gently seep through layers of rock, to form the abundant, crystal clear waters that ultimately go into our sustainable carton. Delicately yet distinctively flavored, the water is filtered naturally through the volcanic rock formations.


It is those rocks through which the water passes that give it its uniquely high and balanced mineral content.


                         54% PAPER

We use paper made from trees that are responsibly harvested and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Paper is a renewable resource that contributes to lowered carbon emissions. And this is JUST the start.


              28% PLANT-BASED PLASTIC

Did you know that most plastic bottles are made entirely from petroleum, a non-renewable resource? JUST does things differently. The plastic in the shoulder and cap of the JUST carton is made mostly from sugarcane.




We use a thin layer of aluminum foil to protect our water from potential contamination. Both the aluminum and paper are shielded by a layer of BPA-free plastic film to protect the integrity of the bottle.

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The flavor of water is easily affected by the flavors around it. The JUST carton protects the integrity of our water by design. Our water is always crisp, pure, and delicious.

Vegetable plastic

Forests are essential for life on earth, for people and for business. One of the ways of protecting forests comes from ensuring traceability through protection, certification and identification of paper and wood.

JUST doesn’t own the forest we source from, nor do we make paper. So to ensure sound forest practices, we have a thorough approach to sourcing that involves working with suppliers, NGOs and other stakeholders.

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Certified Wood

On average, 52% of the JUST water package’s weight is made up of paperboard. By using wood fibers as our main raw material, we minimize the need for materials made from fossil fuels (Coal, Petroleum, Natural gas).

It is critical to understand the origin of the wood-based products, whether the wood is derived from known and legal sources and lastly, the sustainability of that source.

To that end, our materials are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® – a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.

The FSC guarantees that the wood based products purchased come from responsible healthy, forests, and strong communities.

Chain of Custody

The FSC certification ensures JUST water paper chain of custody, that wood fibers can be traced throughout every stage of the supply chain. The paper timber is monitored from its point of origin, to responsible harvesting, and back to replanting. This maintains the ecology, integrity and longevity of the forests used. It is based on ten principles that all FSC members adhere to as listed below.



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