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"Sustainable Procurement" JUST Water is a natural still spring from Australia. Its pH is as high as 8.0, so it is naturally alkaline. We only used a small part of their extra spring water for bottling, and we paid a reasonable price for this, and the money returned to their community. We are proud to be certified by B Corp.


"Plant bottle" Our natural alkaline spring water is packed in a bottle made of plants. The cover is made of sugar cane. The bottle is made of FSC certified forest paper-which means that the pulp we use to make pulp comes from trees that are responsibly harvested and then replanted.


"Environmentally friendly" The bottle is made of renewable materials and helps reduce carbon emissions. Compared with ordinary plastic bottles (originally the truth of petroleum), the use of most of the materials contained in plants to produce bottles means that carbon emissions can be reduced by up to 74%.


"Natural high acidity and deliciousness" The natural pH of our water is 8.0 (+/- 20%). Substances higher than 7.0 are considered alkaline. The JUST carton is designed to protect the internal natural hot spring water from the environmental taste, so it always has a pure, crisp taste.


"100% recyclable alternative plastics" Most disposable plastic bottles are made of petroleum, which may take thousands of years to be recycled. This is why we use fast-recycling materials. In addition, when the JUST carton is recycled, it will continue to become tissue, tissues and even construction materials! Please check how your local community handles recycled bottles.


Capacity: 330ml


Unit: 24 bottles/carton

JUST WATER 100% spring water


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