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"No sweeteners or artificial flavors" Starting with the same 100% mountain spring water and eco-friendly bottles as JUST Water, JUST Infused is rich in organic Lyme fruit essence. The taste is light and refreshing. JUST Infused is USDA certified and contains no sweeteners, calories or artificial flavors. The best tasting flavored water made with 100% spring water and organic fruits.


"Purchasing Responsibility" JUST Infused is 100% domestically produced spring water from Glens Falls, New York, which is rich in high-quality drinking water. We have created a fair business in this city, which can provide work and quality products. All the benefits of our relationship are invested back into the city, which allows us to give back every step of the way.


"Renewable Materials" JUST Water is made of 82% renewable resources, which means materials that can be re-grown! Our bottles and caps are made of sugar cane instead of fossil fuels. Our bottles are mainly made of paper and come from sustainably managed forests. Naturally renewable resources help reduce carbon emissions.


"Better than plastic" Our bottles use paper from sustainably managed forests, where new trees replace felled trees. Using plants to produce most of the materials in bottles means that carbon emissions can be reduced by up to 74% compared to ordinary plastic bottles (originally using petroleum as raw material). Our bottles are BPA free and can be recycled 100%.


"Natural high pH" The natural pH of our water is 8.0 (+/- 20%). Substances higher than 7.0 are considered alkaline.


Capacity: 500ml


Unit: 12 bottles/carton




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