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Mouthwash imported from Japan, a package that is easy to carry, pour into the mouth, use 1 capsule at a time (after meals, before meetings, before dates, before going to bed), gargle in the mouth for 30 seconds to make the mouthwash fill up the mouth and spit out (no need Then rinse your mouth with clean water), you can easily clean the mouth to keep bacteria and keep your breath fresh.



Prevents bad breath, clears bad breath, keeps breath fresh, cleans teeth, inhibits bacteria growth, and promotes saliva secretion; reduces acid corrosion, anti-caries, and reduces plaque production. The single-grain design is convenient to carry around and more important for use. Occasions.


Citrus alcohol-free formula

Reduce irritation, especially suitable for elders and children at home.

*Non-alcoholic ingredients are added with natural citrus to make the mouth comfortable and refreshing.


Specification: 14ml/piece, 100pcs/box

Japan Okina Long Spin Citrus Mouthwash

SKU: 盒

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